Sun Behind the Clouds

[Thursday August 7, 2014]

Today was one of those days where listing all the negatives would be a lot easier than listing the good things. But it’s because of these days that I started this blog. So here we go.

3 smiles of today:

1. A person I don’t know messaged me a compliment on Facebook.

Getting a Facebook message from someone you don’t know (we have a total of 1 mutual friend) saying “I like your profile pics” can be taken as slightly creepy. But I’m going to focus on this as a compliment.

2. Only 8 more school days left until my final exam.

I’m not looking forward to the exam, but this also means that I’m very close to being free! Only 8 more weekdays left! 🙂

3. My shoulder is no longer in constant pain.

I hurt my shoulder about a month ago, carrying a stack of textbooks. Long story short, I guess I pinched a nerve or something, but it’s been in pain ever since. It’s no longer in pain, as long as I don’t move it too much, touch it or put pressure on that arm! Hallelujah! (Pain’s not entirely gone, but definitely an improvement.)



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