Trip Down Memory Lane

[Tuesday August 12, 2014]

Just another typical school day, I guess.

3 smiles of today:

1. Reminiscing with my closest friend on memories of the past.

After a long day, it was great to look back on memories of us as we were growing up. It was over text, but it was sweet and nostalgic nonetheless.

2. Finishing an assignment in time for the 11:59 pm deadline.

This was supposed to be yesterday’s task, but since I was working on another assignment, I didn’t have time to do it until today. I was pretty stressed about it during the day, since I didn’t think I’d be able to make the deadline. But alas, I did. 🙂 (Just please don’t mention the fact that I now have to do today’s assignment tomorrow, with it also being due tomorrow…)

3. Best day for follows on this blog.

According to the WordPress notifications, today was my best day for follows, with a new record of 6 in one day. Yay!! 🙂



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