Kindness of Strangers

[Wednesday August 13, 2014]

3 smiles of today:

1. A woman giving two sandwiches to a homeless person on the street.

As I was walking to the gym, the woman in front of me took out two carefully prepared sandwiches in a Ziploc bag and handed it to a man sitting on a blanket next to the sidewalk. It was super refreshing to see that kindness from absolute strangers still exist. ❤

2. SH’BAM.

This seems to be a highlight of my day every week, but SH’BAM is such a fun class! I really got into it this week (couldn’t stop smiling the entire class because I was having so much fun). The instructor is hilarious and super energetic. Sadly, the last class is next week. 😦

3. Three more school days until my exam!

Yikes! I don’t get the exam outline until Friday, and I’ll still have an assignment due for Monday, but the course will soon be over!



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