Dancing, Dancing, Studying

[Monday August 18, 2014]

The time has come! My exam is tomorrow morning! The pre-exam stress and anxiety has started to kick in, and it has only been made worse by the fact that I got a total of 6 hours to study for it. Fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow.

3 smiles of today:

1. Taylor Swift Yahoo Livestream.

Everything about it was just amazing, from the release of the first single off her next album, 1989, and its music video, to the announcement that it’s coming out October 27. 😀 She has moved very much away from Country, which is what got me into her music so much in the first place, but once a Swiftie, always a Swiftie. ❤

2. Got a pretty good term mark for my summer course.

It’s worth 70% of my final mark, so I’m happy. But I don’t want it to drop, and knowing that almost all of my marks have dropped in the past after the final exam… I’m terrified.

3. Listening to “Burrowed” by LeAnn Rimes while studying.

Caused impromptu singing sessions that probably weren’t the best for my studying, but… 🙂 Click here to give it a listen.



2 thoughts on “Dancing, Dancing, Studying

  1. Woo hoo! This song makes me wanna dance and shake it off!! =) Congrats on making it to your test day! I’m sure you will rock it!! Just think of Taylor and you’ll be gold!!


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