I’m Free

[Tuesday August 19, 2014]

Today was both a good day and a not so good day. Weird, huh?

3 smiles of today:

1. I’m finished my summer course!!!

As long as I don’t think about how my final mark dropped by 4% as a result of the exam… I feel free! No more worrying about 11:59 pm deadlines, web conferencing with my teacher, reading past law cases until 3 am in the morning… 🙂

2. Cheesy movies all afternoon and evening.

I’m really getting into LeAnn Rimes the past few days, haven’t I? In any case, watched “Northern Lights” and “Reel Love” today. Felt nice to finally be able to not really mind spending essentially an entire day not doing anything productive.

3. Dancing to “Shake It Off” with my younger sister.

Now that I’m not so pressed for time all the time, it was nice to take a few minutes and have a crazy impromptu dance party for two.



2 thoughts on “I’m Free

    • Thank you!! It’s actually been really good for me personally, since it forces me to really reflect at the end of the day, no matter how bad of one it may have been and come up with things that made me happy or smile, even if just a tiny bit. Thanks for visiting!


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