Lazy Days of Summer

[Wednesday August 20, 2014]

Definitely not a very productive day, but I’d say it was a pretty great one.

3 smiles of today:

1. Not having anything [kind of…] that needed to be done.

As I was walking to the gym, as I was eating, I didn’t need to think about all the work that I still needed to do. Although I definitely could have spent time studying… but nah!

2. Last SH’BAM class.

I can’t make next week’s class, and then once school starts again, I won’t be able to make any classes. I’m going to miss SH’BAM so, so, so much. Those were some of the best 4 combined hours I had this entire month thus far. 🙂

3. Baby bird freely hopping on the sidewalk.

A tiny, baby bird was hopping on the sidewalk next to me (I almost accidentally stepped on it, but thank goodness that didn’t happen), looking so peaceful and happy. Brought a physical smile to my face. ❤



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