Fly in the Kitchen

[Friday August 22, 2014]

A pretty typical Friday. There was also a fly that somehow got into the kitchen, and I wasn’t able to successfully swat it until about 2 hours after I made the discovery of this surprise (and unwelcome!) visitor.

3 smiles of today:

1. Tiny jars of jam.

My entire morning was spent in a meeting at a hotel downtown. They offered pastries, and as such, they offered jam. Personally, I’m not a big fan of jam (although the homemade bakeapple and partridgeberry jams we had at Fogo Island in Newfoundland were absolutely amazing!), but I fell in love with the jam. Not because of its taste (in fact, I haven’t even tried the jam that was offered), but because it came in individual 1 oz glass containers. I feel really bad, since this is incredibly bad for our Earth, but these are so adorable!

2. Making my first egg omelette.

Believe it or not, but I’ve never actually made an omelette. I changed that today. The first one was alright, but I forgot the butter. With the second one I made, I decided to add a tiny bit of milk as well, and a pinch of pepper. I also didn’t forget the butter this time. It was delicious. 🙂

3. Seeing a lady give a toonie to a stranger on the street for coffee.

I’ve crossed paths with this lady before, and she always seems so kind and sweet. (In fact, every Easter, she goes around the community with a giant cart of chocolate from Shoppers Drug Mart, and hands them out to kids that she sees.) Today, she came out of a store, and there happened to be a man wearing a really old and dirty suit and looking like he hadn’t showered in months. She walked over to him, asked him about his story, and then gave him a toonie to buy a cup of coffee. Really refreshing to see, especially since most people just assume that those who are homeless are homeless by their own fault and as such, refuse to help them.



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