[Sunday August 24, 2014]

I had an appointment with my optometrist today, and she gave me the drops to dilate my pupils. As such, I can’t focus on anything so everything is pretty blurry… My apologies if there are any typos… (My inner grammar nazi and spelling police is cringing.) Also, I may not have internet access for about a week, starting tomorrow. I’ll still be keeping track of 3 good things each day, but I will have to post them once I get internet, next weekend.

3 smiles of today:

1. Making breakfast for my sister.

I realize that in the future, I probably won’t enjoy cooking for others so much, but today, I felt super accomplished at having made breakfast for someone other than myself. 🙂

2. Triple chocolate chip cookies.

These, along with white chocolate chip, are my favourite. I’m salivating right now just thinking of them. Mmm. mmm, mmmm….

3. This video.

There’s something about her dancing, her outfit (the bikini looks so cute!), her singing and how much fun she looks like she’s having that makes this performance so, so, so captivating. I watched it at least 9-10 times today.



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