Route 66

[Monday August 25, 2014]

Spent most of the day driving through northeastern US, starting at 5 am on only 4 hours of sleep. The drive lasted for about 10 hours, so I’m exhausted. Happy, but exhausted in the hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.

3 smiles of today:

1. Driving through New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The farthest south I have ever gone prior to today was the Finger Lakes region in New York a few years back. It’s nice to know that I have now been in two more states, with more to come.

2. Shopping in Leesburg, Virginia.

Finds include a new blazer, 4 pairs of leggings and two new pairs of flip flops. 🙂

3. Realizing that ‘z’ is pronounced ‘zee’ here, as opposed to ‘zed’.

I discovered this when I was telling the person at the cash register my email. He blanked for a while, giving me a strange look, before suddenly saying “oh, you mean ‘zee’?” It’s one of those small things you don’t usually think about, and it’s somewhat strange to realize that despite being so close geographically, Canada and the US are actually quite different – our pronunciation and our spelling just tiny reminders of this.



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