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[Tuesday August 26, 2014]

A very fun and absolutely amazing day of exploring Washington, D.C. I’m tired, and my feet hurt from all that walking. D.C. is definitely a very pedestrian-friendly city, and cyclists could be regularly seen. However, it seems that the distance to walk between [tourist] places are quite far, and there really is no other way to reach them except by walking, biking, skateboarding, etc.

3 smiles of today:

1. Visiting the White House.

I remember when I was 7, my dream was to become the President of the United States. I don’t think it even occurred to me that there had never been a female President in America’s history and had I succeeded, I would have been the first. I also didn’t realize that you had to have been born in the US in order to become the President – the day I found out this tidbit is still on my list of saddest days I have ever had.

2. View from the top of the Washington Monument.

Breathtaking, especially at 7:30 pm while the sun set. ❤

3. The U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court of the United States.

Having wanted to be a lawyer for a really long time in the past, it was absolutely awesome visiting the Supreme Court building. Even just standing outside, looking at the many white steps leading up to it left me in awe. I still cannot get used to how tight security is in this city though. I understand that it is the capital of the US, and that many important people are in these buildings, but still! Going into almost every building, we had to go through airport-style security. If they didn’t have the scanners and body scanners at a particular building, there was always a security guard to do bag checks. I’m not sure this is something I could ever get used to.



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