The Future of Us

[Saturday September 20, 2014]

Day spent with a friend, feeling kind of stressed about the future and nostalgic about the past. Time really does fly, even when you aren’t having the most fun…

3 smiles of today:

1. Talking with admissions officers.

This was both a good thing, but has also kind of stressed me out. I used to worry about what I wanted to do with my life, what I wanted to study in university, etc, but then I was always consoled by the fact that I still had many years to think about it before making a decision. It has slowly hit me in the past few weeks, especially today at the Ontario University Fair, that the time to make a decision is getting closer and closer. It really does creep up on you, without you noticing… So much to do, so little time;  I better get moving!

2. Frozen lemonade from Tim’s.

It tasted really good in the first few sips (hence making me happy), but towards the end, it tasted more or less like ice water with a few drops of lemon. I guess I’ll stick with the Iced Capp if I go to Tim’s again in the future (I’m definitely longing for Starbucks again, after only 2 days of Tim Horton’s.)

3. Free pens galore!

I am now 17 pens richer, from my day spent at the Ontario University Fair. Thanks for the free pens, Guelph Humber, RBC, UOttawa, Carleton, Algoma, etc, etc, etc. 🙂



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