In Sickness and In Health

[Sunday September 21, 2014]

I woke up not feeling so good – stuffy and runny nose, and really, really, really tired. Feeling a lot better now, as I am about to get ready for bed (of course now I feel better…)

3 smiles of today:

1. Painting with oils.

I’m very close to finishing my first oil painting! Oil paint is so much fun to work with, and the way the paint feels on the canvas as I’m painting is simply wonderful. Super smooth and soft, yet it has just the right amount of resistance. Only complaint I could possibly have is that it takes a long time to clean up and wash brushes (and hands and clothing!) afterwards.

2. Homemade noodles.

Mmmmm…. Thanks mom!

3. Hot chocolate with breakfast.

I don’t usually drink hot chocolate (I’m more of a coffee person…), but this was a really nice way to start my day. Couldn’t help but think about when I was around six or seven, and loved this drink, Again, thanks mom!! ❤



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