Down the Road

[Tuesday October 14, 2014]

Happy [belated] thanksgiving, to all my fellow Canadians! I had absolutely awful allergies, and so I spent all of Monday in bed, sleeping. (And yet, I was so tired today I could barely keep my eyes open.) Sunday was loads of fun though, as a group of friends and I went to an arcade in celebration of a friend’s birthday (lot’s of cake, pizza, sushi, chips and pop followed).

3 smiles of today:

1. New Taylor Swift song.

Yes, I stayed up to download the song when it first came out, originally set at midnight, but Taylor released it just after 11 pm. It’s extremely different from any of her songs in the past, but then again, her entire “1989” album is different. Guess what’s been on repeat all day? 😉

2. Attending a University of Chicago information session.

I’ve been going to a lot of these information sessions by all different schools (a few weeks ago, I also went to one with Duke, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Georgetown, and one with all eight Ivies a few weeks before that), and I’ve been getting a lot of useful information. I started going to the US College Expo in my first year of high school (*insert joke about being a keener*), but I always felt at peace because I knew I still had a few years before it would be my turn to go through the applications process. Now, I don’t necessarily feel so calm… Granted, I still have a bit of time, but it doesn’t seem that far away now… My choice of schools in the US is definitely limited though, since it always boils down to which schools are need blind for international students and which ones I think would fit me… Sigh.

3. Chatting with a good friend.

Talking about guys, school, university, bad study habits, etc, etc, etc… Love you Ava!!! ❤ I think I smiled and got more excited during our conversation than I did all day!



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