Swimming in the River

[Thursday October 16, 2014]

It was really warm and sunny today, compared to the past few weeks. Then, it started pouring rain and cracks of lightning whipped through the sky at around 7:30 pm (I only know the time because I had just finished a meeting; trust me, I don’t go around taking note of the time that the weather changes.)

3 smiles of today:

1. Mixed Berry Minute Maid juice.

This tasted really good. Really, really good.

2. Driving through the rain.

There was a lot of flooding on the streets (the water looked about 5-10 inches high at some points), and visibility was basically nonexistent. (In fact. entire subway stations have been and are currently flooded, and are closed as a result.) But it was calming, sitting in the car and looking out into the dark of the night – perhaps it was because I wasn’t the one driving. It felt like driving in a waterfall, or a car wash.

3. Math jokes in [what a shocker] math class.

Occasionally, math geeks (HA! As if…) like to have a laugh or two.



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