The Best of This Journey

[Saturday October 18, 2014]

A little quote that I saw this morning, shared on Facebook by the one and only. Chris Meloni.

3 smiles of today:

1. Watching “The Best of Me”.

Perhaps this should be filed under a “tear of today” as opposed to a “smile”… šŸ˜‰ The movie was amazing though, as expected. A tiny part of me was hoping that the ending in the movie would be changed from the book, but it wasn’t – which made it really, really good, but it was also so unbelievably sad and tragic. I started crying about halfway through the movie (I was already a bit teary from the start, because of how adorable Dawson and Amanda were), and the tears just kept on flowing until the credits. Amazing, as usual for a Nicholas Sparks movie. ā¤

2. Elderly couple in front of me inside the theatre for “The Best of Me”.

A few moments before the film began, an elderly couple walked in – hand in hand, and sat in front of me. And throughout the movie, they held hands, and near the end of the movie, they whispered “I love you” to each other. It was adorable to watch, and amazing to see a couple in their [simply my guess at their age] 70s going out to watch this romantic movie on a Saturday evening.

3. A lovely gentleman holding the door for me.

I suppose this is pretty commonplace in Canada (there are definitely more than a few memes about Canadians being way too polite about holding doors), but for some reason, this struck me today. As I was going into the subway station after watching “The Best of Me”, the [physically attractive] guy in front of me held open the door and smiled at me. He was so polite about it, and he definitely was not obligated (according to Canadian society, that is) to do so – I was still pretty far away.



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