Hindsight’s Worry

[Saturday November 8, 2014]

Whew. First SAT Subject test finished. Two more left to go, along with the “big” SAT… I have to say though, I’m not very impressed with how I did on this one today. 😦

3 smiles of today:

1. Starbucks Gingerbread Latte.

I think this has actually become my happy place. After coming home from my exam, I was feeling more than a little down and so [after researching about Score Choice and its relation to specific schools of course] , I headed on out to the Starbucks on the corner of my street. Red cups, lattes, and happy faces drawn by baristas are a perfect pick-me-up. ❤

2. Catching up on the Bad Judge and Grey’s Anatomy episodes I missed this week, (#SpoilerAlert)

Woah. The end of the latest Grey’s episode… Woah. I have to admit – I was not a fan of Dr. Herman. She seemed so rude and harsh, and plus, all this was directed at Arizona whom I absolutely adore (GA writers, please don’t break up Calzona for good…) But after what Dr. Herman says at the very end… Also, Bad Judge shouldn’t have been canceled. 😦 I admit that it doesn’t have much of a point in its plot, but it’s really light-hearted, funny and an easy thing to watch when I just want to clear my mind. There’s still 7 episodes left though. 🙂

3. Chicken Mayo Wrap for dinner.

Tasted especially good knowing that I had finished [however badly] one of my SAT Subject tests.



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