Idols on Ice

[Sunday November 9, 2014 – Saturday November 15, 2014]

At around this time each year, everyone seems to get busier and time seems to move faster and faster until it all just blurs together.

Here are the highlights of the past week:

1. Meeting my idols, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

I have to confess, I’m kind of obsessed with them. They are my athletic idols (despite my lack of almost all athletic ability), as well as my idols just in general. I saw them perform at the CNE two years ago (at which Scott give me a high five!!!) and that was the start of my absolute adoration of them. I’ve watched every single one of their programs, I’ve watched their entire documentary series on the W Network, I’ve read their autobiography, and I’ve probably watched or read almost every single interview they’ve given. I absolutely love them. When I found out that they were going to be speaking at the TEDxYouth@Toronto event this year, I absolutely had to apply to attend. And well, today was the event. Sadly, they came only a few minutes prior to their talk and had to leave almost immediately afterwards. However, I was able to get a photo (#Selfie), a bad quality photo but a photo, with each of them. And having been able to actually talk to them a bit this time (much to the dismay of a certain security guard that was trying to get everyone to exit the auditorium), I have to say, Tessa is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met. She’s a hilarious person to talk to, and has an amazing sense of humour. Plus, I initially wasn’t able to get a photo with her (like I said, the security guards/hosts of the event were trying to get everyone to leave the auditorium, so they resorted to standing in front of Tessa and Scott and blocking people from being able to reach them) despite me being right in front of her – the exact same, if not smaller, distance as if you were to be having a conversation with someone. No matter how much I pleaded with both my eyes and “please… please…” to the “security guard” who had put his hand between Tessa and I, he wouldn’t budge. So I desperately looked towards Tessa, and she simply grabbed my hand and pulled me under the arm of the security guard, saying that “we can take a photo now”. It was magical. ❤

2. Second place overall at DECA Toronto Regionals.

Knowing that I had placed really high in my written exam, I was hoping to place at least top 10 in my role-play so that I could guarantee my spot for Provincials. But I absolutely never imagined that I would actually place second overall. 🙂 I missed first place by about one point, but I’m still happy nonetheless.

3. Making new friends at TEDxYouth@Toronto.

There were so many opportunities to meet new people, and I definitely had an amazing bonding experience with two other girls as we tried to find Tessa and Scott just as they were leaving the event (we were unsuccessful, sadly) and when we eventually ran up to the parking lot to try and see if we had one last opportunity to see them again before they left. I also met lots of people [by means other than creeping figure skating idols] through eating lunch with them and having conversations to get to know one another. A long and tiring day today, but a very fun and eventful one as well.



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