Multiple Perspectives of the Coin

[Tuesday November 18, 2014]

3 smiles of today:

1. Receiving an inspirational text message from a friend.

I didn’t do so well on a math test today (“didn’t do so well” being the understatement…) and as I was venting to a friend about it, she sent me the loveliest text about looking at the bigger picture. It was beautiful and poetic, and definitely what I needed. ❤

2. Reading a blog post about the larger-than-life role that teachers are tasked with.

I have a lot of appreciation, gratitude and respect for teachers, because educating the next generation is a huge task and definitely not an easy feat. I have had some amazing teachers to date that have inspired me beyond the classroom, but evidently, I’ve also had a few teachers that I didn’t get along with or agree with, no matter how hard I tried. I saw the article on The Huffington Post, but the original post can be found here. It was so beautifully written that I was wiping away tears at the end of it.

3. Making smoothies.

Another by-product of me trying to cheer myself up after the horrendous math test. I decided to be spontaneous, and so I made a few banana smoothies with strawberry yogurt. (Insert joke about how busy my social life is… Not.)



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