New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!!

In honour of the new year, I thought I’d write down the goals that I’ve set for myself for 2015. I don’t usually create any resolutions, but why not give this a try. šŸ™‚

  1. Sleep more.
  2. Procrastinate less.

Sounds pretty simple right? I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me though. My sleep pattern has gotten way out of hand – generally about 4-5 hours a night, simply because of the amount of homework I’ve been getting. And the procrastination… well that’s always been a problem. It’s something that I know will take a lot of work and many, many years to really make a noticeable difference. But I’ve also heard someone tell me that the best time to get started was yesterday, and the second best time is today. šŸ˜‰

It’s so weird starting this year, knowing that a year from now – the end ofĀ thisĀ year, I’ll be worrying and stressing over college/university applications. With the deadline for regular action being January 1st for most schools in the US, exactly a year from now, the only thing on my mind will be the anticipation and the worrying about whether or not I got into my top choice of schools. And then there’s the fact that in 365 days, I’ll be near the end of nearly two decades of school [only to pay to be in school again come fall of next year].

Perhaps even more melancholic is realizing that a decade ago was not the 90’s, but rather, 2005. 10 years – a length of time that seems so long on paper, goes by in the blink of an eye. In reality, I stillĀ feelĀ like the 6 year old, bullied on the playground at recess. I stillĀ feelĀ like the child looking up to the 6th graders that shared the hallways with me. I stillĀ feelĀ like the young girl, whose biggest stress in life was whether or not my mom would let me make Jell-O after school.

But maybe that’s life, Maybe we never feel like we’ve truly grown up. Maybe we never feel wise enough to give advice to others. Maybe our outside changes, but inside, we’re still the same giddy little kid waking up extra early on Saturday morning.

Maybe we’ll never know.



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