Disney World, Here I Come…

[Saturday February 7, 2015]

It’s been such an eventful month, with tears of both stress and happiness. My blog, as you may have noticed, was… uneventful. Sigh.

3 smiles of today:

1. First place in my category at DECA Ontario Provincials.

My school hasn’t had a DECA chapter before, so this being my first year, I was hoping but not really expecting to make it to ICDC – the international competition. And then when they announced that I was first place… Orlando, here I come!!! 😀

2. Seeing friends from Shad.

I haven’t seen most of these people since the end of July, when we all parted ways from Newfoundland after our month together. We had a mini reunion at the Sheraton Hotel, in between each of our DECA competitions.

3. Tim Horton’s Iced Capp.

A much needed dose of caffeine after spending most of the night and early, early morning trying to cram for DECA, and an entire morning of Oral/Role play competitions.




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