Good Things Come In Pairs

[Sunday March 15, 2015]

Maybe good news really does all come together. This was something that was said to me when I mentioned some good news to a friend yesterday. Has definitely gotten me thinking.

3 smiles of today and yesterday:

1. Summer Internship

I applied and interviewed for a summer internship at a hospital, and got an email yesterday saying that I had been accepted!!! I had also applied and interviewed for one that would be during the March Break a month ago, but I wasn’t accepted. So, my self-confidence was definitely a little shaken, and especially for this one, my interview didn’t go all that well and my entire application was started the day that it was due. And then at the interview, it was brought up that they would only be taking 2-3 students, and they interviewed 10 of us. Not all that competitive by any means, but nonetheless, I didn’t think I would actually get it. WOOHOO!!!!

2. Science Expo Executive

At the same time as I got the email for the summer internship, I also got a phone call, telling me that I had made it as part of the Science Expo Executive team. See? Good news comes in pairs. 🙂

3. Talking with new people.

I happened to message another girl that was at the summer internship interview with me, and coincidentally, she was the other person that also was accepted. We had a lengthy conversation, and I’m even more excited for the summer now. She seems really nice (likely the nicest person I met at the interview), and the amount of shared similarities we have… it’s somewhat scary!

4. Shad Throwback

I know I haven’t been on this blog for a while now (school and extracurriculars have been/are so busy!!!), but logging on today, I saw a new comment [note: I love getting comments, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 😉 ] that brought a smile to my face. Then, I proceeded to spend the next few minutes trying to verbalize my entire Shad experience, which can really be described in one word: AWESOME. Thanks thehoneydew!

5. Warm[er] weather.

Toronto finally seems to be getting the message that it shouldn’t ever be colder than Northern Canada, and it definitely shouldn’t be -20°C in March. There’s still a bit of snow left on the ground, but at least it’s getting warmer!

6. March Break

An entire week of no school. Yes, I may have a ton of things to do. But again, an entire week of no school. YES.



2 thoughts on “Good Things Come In Pairs

  1. Awwww, it was a pleasure to make you smile! I’m looking forward to the experience so much and hearing about it from alumni raises the excitement even higher! My top four sadly does not include Newfoundland simply because *far* but I have one choice in BC, one in Halifax and two in Ontario.
    – thehoneydew


    • I think everyone, those who live in Vancouver aside, choose UBC as one of their top choices. I know that was my first choice when I was accepted to Shad, but at the end of the day, I’m really glad that wasn’t the campus that I went to.
      Newfoundland’s definitely far, but that was essentially my reasoning for choosing it. My guidelines for campuses was that I wanted to have to take a plane in order to get there. 😉
      Less than a week until campus decisions come out!!!

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