The Time Never Stops

[Friday October 9, 2015]

Wow, I really am bad at keeping up with this blog, aren’t I? July, August, September… those are months you say? Clearly not according to me… 😛

Here are the highlights of the past few months:

1. Forever finished summer school (at least for high school).

Maybe I am indeed crazy, taking summer courses every single summer. But they’ve been fun (er… kind of) and I’ve learned a lot. Though I do have to say, I was very, very glad when I finished this August’s course (World History – a course that I had wanted to drop so desperately, but am glad I stuck with it).

2. “I love you Mary. Do you love me too?”

As I was cleaning out my desk drawer today (while watching season 3 of The Big Bang Theory), I found a note that my sister had written to me many years ago. There once existed many such “I love you” notes, but I suppose they’ve already been recycled into other paper products by now.

3. Toronto Blue Jays.

The last game I saw was over a year ago, when the Jays played the Tigers in what I believe was the longest game in the Jays’ history – 19 innings (my family and I left after the 17th. Guess we should’ve stayed a tiny bit longer). But this year, we’re in the playoffs! [A feat 22 years in the making.] Unfortunately, we lost today’s and yesterday’s games against the Rangers… (I blame it on the bad calls.) I still have faith in you Blue Jays… Fingers crossed.

4. Nuit Blanche.

Despite having lived in Toronto for so long, I had never actually gone to Nuit Blanche. This year, it happened to be the night of a friend’s birthday party, so we decided to all check it out for a bit. Didn’t stay for long, didn’t examine the art closely, but we did see Kate Micucci. (She was walking right in front of us on the sidewalk, but then we lost her when we were debating if we should go up and talk to her. She was right in front of us.)

Tonight I watched a man marry his bicycle. I bet their kids will be so cute.

A post shared by Kate Micucci (@katemicucci) on

See??? She even posted on Instagram about being at Nuit Blanche. We were so close.



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